Sampling of “electric bus problems” from Google searches

In a Google search on January 8, 2019 for “electric bus problems”, Google returned 120,000,000 hits in 0.58 seconds.

Listed below is a sampling of hits on “electric bus problems”.

How China’s Electric Car Dreams Became A PR Nightmare In America
The ‘eBus or bust’ approach ignores damning LA Times report
The ‘eBus or bust’ approach ignores damning LA Times report
It’s time for zero-emission buses in California
Albuquerque bus problems – Documents – Los Angeles Times
BYD Stands Strong In Response To LA Times Criticism. CleanTechnica
BYD’s Electric Bus Woes Threaten to Tarnish the Broader Industry
EV Experts Say Buses Should Electrify First. Can They Rise to the Challenge?
Statement by BYD President
Los Angeles keeps buying electric buses from China and they keep breaking
Mayor pulls the plug on electric bus deal
Albuquerque cancels deal with BYD over bus quality issues
Problems plague BYD electric buses
Mayor on ART project: “We are putting BYD on legal notice”
Albuquerque to sue BYD over electric buses
Electric buses: Can they take the (South Florida) heat?
Broward quietly approves questionable contract for problematic Chinese buses
BYD North America statement regarding the City of Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller’s Press Conference today – November 1, 2018
Chinese bus manufacturer BYD forced to take back 15 buses from U.S. transit agency after problems
LA Times uncovers electric bus problems in the City of Angels
Cape Town’s new R128 million electric buses can’t make it up the hill: report
Why Indy’s Red Line buses may be ‘a lemon’
KMB electric bus runs into trouble on first day of trial
The big picture: How electric buses could change the world
L.A. Times Investigation Tells Sad Story of Attempts to Electrify the City’s Bus Fleet
Protest Denounces Broken Promises by BYD Motors, Inc., Chinese Electric Bus Manufacturer to Taxpayers of LA
BYD electric bus deals questioned after testing finds problems
Copenhagen trial with 12 m B.Y.D K9 electric buses
FTA forced Long Beach, Calif., to cancel its bus contract with BYD
Corruption watchdog seeks e-bus procurement details
DTA temporarily pulls electric buses
Electric bus fleet size and mix problem with optimization of charging infrastructure
TfL admits to New Routemaster bus battery problems
TriMet gets $2.3M for more battery-electric buses as it works to get first batch running
Transit down to single electric bus from four in test; union asking for answers
The rise of electric cars could leave us with a big battery waste problem
Dallas deploys electric bus fleet
On way out of town, ART bus breaks down
Stop button hit on e-buses
Electric Buses: A New Technology With Potentially New Issues
How China’s Electric Car Dreams Became A PR Nightmare In America
The worst is not yet over for China’s biggest EV maker
The Problem With Recycling Electric Vehicle Batteries
Powered by the state, China takes charge of electric buses, with Shenzhen taking the lead
The EPA’s Electric Vehicle Mileage Fraud
The Verdict’s Still Out on Battery-Electric Buses
Albuquerque Plans To Reject And Return BYD Electric Buses
DTA temporarily pulls electric buses
Problems plague BYD electric buses